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"We Get People Moving, Active and Feeling Great Again

Without Pain Medications, Injections or Unnecessary Surgery"

Sports Training

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Sport Specific Training

Sterner Physical Therapy offers a wide range of sports specific training.


Athletes often focus on one sport year round and can be at an increased risk for serious injury. We work with all sports and provide results that not only improve performance, but significantly decrease the athletes risk for injury.


Sports trainers and coaches are often focused on fundamentals of your sport and not on the mechanics of your body.


We can assess your sport specific biomechanics and get your body functioning at its highest level.

Strength Training

Are you struggling to make strength gains at the gym?


There are many factors that may be limiting your ability to progress your workouts including joint restrictions, isolated muscle weakness, joint instability and improper form, to name a few.


Even if you are working with a trainer, you may be missing an underlying cause for the lack of progression.


Our Physical Therapist specializes in finding musculoskeletal dysfunction and will work with you on your specific needs. Give us a call today and you will be amazed at how fast we can improve your strength gains.

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