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"We Get People Moving, Active and Feeling Great Again

Without Pain Medications, Injections or Unnecessary Surgery"

Manual Therapy

shoulder pain mooresville.jpg

The backbone of our treatment approach at Sterner Physical Therapy is hands-on “manual therapy.”

Manual Therapy is defined as “application of an accurately determined and specifically directed manual force to the body, in order to improve mobility in areas that are restricted; in joints, in connective tissues or in skeletal muscles.”


Skilled manual therapy techniques can make immediate improvements in pain and mobility … creating an opportunity for greater movement, strength gains, and healing response.

Our therapist has advanced manual therapy training for all musculoskeletal conditions. Some of our patients have spent months or even years in pain. After a few sessions they start to feel how life can be without their pain or mobility restrictions. If you are suffering with back, neck, shoulder or any other joint, muscle or nerve pain give us a call today!

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